Multi Globe AR

Mobile application, where you can see additional content on globes made by Zachem.

All you need is a globe manufactured by Zachem and your smartphone or tablet. Download and launch the free app, then point your camera at the globe and start your journey with augmented reality technology.

The globe has always been one of the best companions for children to play and learn. While appreciating the classic value of globes, we realised that something more could be done with them.

By combining modern Augmented Reality (AR) technology with the classic globe, we are able to provide children with a completely new experience: realistic 3D objects with animations and sounds are presented following their geographical locations, allowing children to gain comprehensive knowledge while having fun.

Thanks to Zachem globes, everyone can become a discoverer and scientist! Distant planets, rare animals, exotic fish and monuments of the world will come closer at hand. The animated “Globek” will guide you through the entire application.

With each virtual animal and 3D model you can take a photo and share it with your friends.

The application is available in Polish and English.

Minimum hardware requirements for proper operation of the application: Android system version minimum 8.0, ARM64 processor, 3 GB RAM or iOS system from version 11.0.

Be sure to allow the application to access the camera, memory and multimedia.

The entire globe should be visible on the phone screen, take care of proper lighting and continuous access to the Internet. If the globe has a backlight, please switch it off.

Hi, my name is Globek.
Welcome to the Multi Globe AR app. I want to show you various interesting things on the globe.
For proper functionality of the app you need a globe made by Zachem. Point the camera of your phone at the globe and hold it still for a few moments.
Make sure that the room is bright enough. The app will display additional content on the globe.

Watch a video about the app

Do you want to travel in space, around the world, or even through the centuries?

With the interactive AR globe, everyone can become an explorer and scientist. You will be accompanied on your journey by Globek – a helpful little globe that will eagerly tell you about all the attractions.

The interactive globe manufactured by Zachem will bring us closer to distant planets, rare animals, ancient dinosaurs, sea and ocean inhabitants and many others. So close that they will be at your fingertips!

Multi Globe AR features up to 8 thematic modules

Land animals

Check on the globe where you can meet elephants, lions and tigers!

Marine animals

I will show you what animals swim in the seas and oceans!


Discover the world of prehistoric dinosaurs with me.

World monuments

Do you know where you can see the Statue of Liberty?

Space objects

See what rockets and other objects are flying in space.

Solar System

Check out what the planets of our Solar System look like.

Cross-section of the Earth

I’ll show you what the interior of the Earth looks like. It’s so hot in there!

Countries of the World

There are about 200 countries in the world. See where they are located.

Install the “Multi Globe AR” mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.


Below are globes produced by the Zachem company, on which you can see additional content.
The application works only on the original globes listed below.

If you already have one of the globes listed below at home,
the Multi Globe AR application will also work on it!
Download the app to your phone and check it out!

Globe 22 cm

Globe 22 cm

Globe 22 cm

Globe 25 cm
political and physical

Globe 25 cm
illuminated and
without illumination

Globe 32 cm
political and physical

Check out the complete catalogue of our globes on

Install the “Multi Globe AR” mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.